Monday, July 8, 2013

The *Actual* Girl LEGO

Girly Lego

Jason Coleman says, "She does like the Lego Friends (aka, the 'girl' Lego), but she also just likes building random, crazy vehicles & buildings out of any Lego bricks at her disposal (aka, the *actual* girl Lego)." 

And that is the point -- the Friends sets are a way to get LEGO bricks to more girls, who then will have more LEGO bricks at their disposal, so that they can make any of the crazy vehicles and random buildings that their heart and creativity desire.  By all means, build the original sets, but don't stop there:  use the pieces to build all manner of wonderful things, crazy contraptions, marvelous mosaics, or whatever catches your fancy.  If you're anything like my 6-yr old daughter, it will probably turn into some sort of mechanized horsey-wash conveyor belt with automated drying, or something like that....  ;-)

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