Monday, March 25, 2013

Girl builds & re-builds Heartlake City!

A 7-year-old girl builds her own Heartlake City.  Then, depending on the Season, or events in her life, such as family vacations or specific Holidays, she re-builds it to represent a place in real life where her family had a fun time!

Using inspiration from some Friends sets -- yet expanded into her own Heartlake City version -- you can see additional houses and horse barns.

An up-close view of a house of her own design -- the possibilities are endless!

A view down the street in her Heartlake City.  It's looks busy & fun.  Oh, and I spy a Haunted House over there too.

Blending bricks, sets, themes, figures, styles, and colors are just part of the imagination used in constructing a play scene.  Using spatial skills to visualize how her City may look on any given day is an educational benefit she and her younger sister are enjoying.  Those are skills for life!

To learn more about how her parents designed a build area for her, visit this set on Flickr.  
Then imagine what your Heartlake City can be!